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Aneurysm of vessels


Causes of aneurysm can be congenital or acquired. Congenital abnormality usually associated with the violation of the structure of connective tissue, as a result, the wall of the artery and the heart becomes less resistant to damaging effects, which ultimately leads to the formation of protrusions. This is typical for diseases such as Marfan syndrome, fibrous dysplasia, congenital deficiency elastane. In some cases, at the stage of embryogenesis is disruption of the formation of organs, then the baby is born with aneurismatic changed arteries.

Among the acquired causes of aneurysms are:

  • traumatic injury of the artery wall;
  • ischemia, the most characteristic of the heart muscle, which results in the reorganization of the myocytes;
  • education postoperative changes after vascular surgery in the insolvency of the seam;
  • inflammatory lesions of bacterial, viral or fungal nature, as well as autoimmune lesions of the connective tissue cells can result in local thinning and protrusion;
  • the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the arterial walls makes them more vulnerable.