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Atherosclerosis - what is this disease?

When accumulation of excess fat received with food or reduced function of the liver for processing), they have a negative effect on the vascular wall. The main role is played by low density lipoproteins of them to build the plaque. High density lipoproteins help the liver get rid of excess fat. So there was a comparison of "good" and "bad cholesterol". The causes of the disease — to increase the proportion of low-density protein-fat compounds.

The inner shell of the chosen vessel first appear petechial lesions-damage. Modern information to connect them to the action of a viral infection (influenza, respiratory viruses, herpes, cytomegalovirus). In infectious diseases, getting into the blood, the virus is not only causing a General intoxication and inflammatory symptoms in the upper respiratory tract, but also destroys the vascular wall.

There are 3 stages of formation of the plaques, which corresponds to the stages of development of atherosclerosis:

  • Fat spot is formed in place of the "work" virus, first, it loosened, and then is impregnated with bad cholesterol. Speed depends on safety features. Reported cases of stains in childhood. At this stage of atherosclerosis has no symptoms of circulatory disorders.
  • Starts the growth of connective fibers, the stain is sealed (lipoclasis), but still retains a soft consistency. Only at this stage, it is possible to dissolve the plaque. But there is a risk of separation of the plaque with the formation of thrombosis. Towards the end of the wall at the site of lesion is quite dense, with ulceration. Since the plaque already stands in the lumen of the vessel, there is a local constriction, and symptoms of insufficient blood supply to organs.
  • In the affected area deposited calcium salts, compaction and the growth is terminated. Dissolution is impossible. The vessel is deformed, narrowed. The necessary conditions for the slowing of blood flow, platelet aggregation. They stick together in clots. There are no reasons for the clinical manifestations.