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What is angiopathy of the retina of both eyes and how to treat it

Classification of angiopathy of the retina

There are several types of angiopathy of the retina depending on the disease that caused changes in the blood vessels of the eye.

Hypertensive angiopathy develops in hypertension. In this case, the vascular damage associated with high blood pressure on their walls. The change of the fundus, as a rule, is one of the leading symptoms of a progressive hypertension. Angiopathy appears uneven narrowing of the arteries of the fundus, dilatation, branching venous bed, petechial hemorrhages in the eyeball. If the disease is not running, then the retina can result in healthy by normalizing the blood pressure. In this form there are three stages:

  • Functional changes, which are difficult to be determined with careful examination of the fundus. This narrowing of the arteries and enlargement of certain veins, microcirculation.
  • Organic changes. At this stage there is a thickening of walls of blood vessels with their further replacement by connective tissue. The density of vessels increases, resulting in disturbed blood supply to the retina. Edema, and possible hemorrhage. During the examination visible changes: branching veins, narrowing of the arteries, glitter sealed vessels. Vision may be good, despite significant changes.
  • The angioretinopathia. At this stage there is a significant disruption of the microcirculation and the formation in the fundus hard or soft exudates. Vision significantly worsens, there is the risk of loss.

Hypertensive angiopathy of the retina is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • blurred vision with pressure jumps;
  • slight blurred vision in the second stage of the disease;
  • significant deterioration of vision or even blindness in the third stage;
  • fat in the form of yellow spots on the eyes.

Angiopathy of the retina requires complex therapy, which is individual and depends on the form of disease. Treatment involved several specialists: cardiologist, internist, neurologist, ophthalmologist.

In hypertensive form, it is first necessary to reduce the pressure and keep it normal. Important and diet, which should lead to a reduction in blood cholesterol levels.

Diabetic form of the disease also requires a special diet low in carbohydrates. Most useful moderate exercise, strengthen the cardiovascular system and promotes the consumption of sugar by the muscles.

In most cases of angiopathy eyes can not do without the medication. Usually prescribed drugs that improve the microcirculation of the blood in the vessels of the eyeball and retina, normalize the permeability of blood vessels fornutrients, and reduce blood viscosity. It can be pills, eye drops, vitamins.

In addition to medication can prescribe laser therapy, magnetotherapy, iglorefleksoterapiya.