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Arrythmia atrial fibrillation and its treatment


Treatment of the atrial arrhythmia should include:

  • The planning regime of the day;
  • Quitting Smoking and alcoholic drinks;
  • Reduce intake of coffee, strong tea, energy drinks;
  • Correction of the diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system.

персенThe adherence of the day often neglects the majority of working people that leads to the development of cardiovascular diseases. Alternate work and rest. If not on a full-time sports, the to replace them can climb stairs and Hiking.

Hypertension and coronary heart disease therapy to be carried out throughout life, without interruption during the improvement. Fatigue and stress requires taking sedatives: persona, extract of Valerian or motherwort. In the treatment process is important to consult not only General practitioner, cardiologist, and neurologist, and rheumatologist. The last technician need to visit the women before twenty and after fifty years. Rheumatic changes of the heart muscle can debut with arrhythmia of the Atria.

Emergency treatment of atrial extrasystoles

  1. Calcium channel blockers – isoptin, phenoptin.
  2. Beta-blockers – metoprolol.
  3. In heart failure it is possible to use of cardiac glycosides – strophanthin. Attention! Cardiac glycosides are contraindicated in the acute phase of myocardial infarction. ECG recording is mandatory before use of this pharmacological group of drugs.
  4. Products containing potassium: Panangin. Attention! Carefully use potassium supplements under conditions involving hyperkalemia: kidney disease, hyperaldosteronism.

Arrhythmia in children

Causes of arrhythmia in the child are heart defects, cardiomyopathy, cholecystitis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, excessive physical and mental load, stress, fever.

Pediatricians have noted the connection between the presence of arrhythmia and respiratory diseases. In most cases, these arrhythmias disappear after recovery and do not lead to permanent pathology of the cardiovascular system.

Early childhood arrythmia is not accompanied by complaints and detected at prophylactic examinations.
Adolescent rhythm disturbances manifest themselves not only feeling disruptions of the heart, but also violent psycho-vegetative reaction: shortness of breath, dizziness,increased anxiety, fear, sweating, sleep disturbances. In this case, therapy should be aimed at minimizing emotional stress, preventing fatigue. Perhaps the use of herbal drugs with sedative effect: the Persians, Valerian extract, motherwort tincture.

It is very important to explain to parents that in the absence of organic lesions of the heart, arrythmia is not a disease!