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Sinus bradycardia and treatment


The symptoms of sinus bradycardia may be missing. People will not feel anything and not know that they have a low heart rate. Manifestations depend on the severity of bradycardia, the nature of the underlying disease that caused the security Council, the state of the ANS of the patient. Severe sinus bradycardia was observed in the neuroses with low blood pressure, abdominal pain, shock period of a heart attack, stroke.

The patient may complain of the following symptoms:

  • cold sweat;
  • dizziness;
  • fainting;
  • weakness.


Most often, mild sinus bradycardia is not dangerous. But you should know that changes in heart rate can indicate the development of pathologies in various organs and systems, for example, in the thyroid gland. If heart rate below 40 beats can be observed hypotension, angina, heart failure, arrhythmia. When pronounced violation of sinus rhythm, possible fainting, during which there is a risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

During pregnancy a sinusoidal bradycardia is rare, thus treatment is usually not carried out.

Many people wonder, does the army, and sinus bradycardia? According to the statements of physicians in this case for exemption from service should not be counted.