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What is the best ointment or cream against varicose veins?

Tablet medication

A basic property of a variety of tablets from the varices is the increased tone of the venous wall, reduction in pain, elimination of spasms and swelling in the legs. They also have anti-inflammatory action, stimulate lymph flow and reduce blood clotting, prevent blood clots than. In addition, these drugs reduce the symptoms of venous congestion in the lower extremities.

ДетралексTo phlebotonics include the following drugs:

  • The diosmin. Increases venous tone, reduces the symptoms of venous stasis.
  • The Detralex. Increases venous tone.
  • Aescusan. The composition of this product contains thiamine and fruit extract of horse chestnut. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effect, reduces swelling of the lower extremities and increases venous tone.
  • Antistax. The composition contains extract of red grape leaves. The preparation stabilizes vascular permeability, enhances its elasticity, protects the endothelium of the veins.
  • Ginger. Has analgesic effect, reduces capillary permeability and increases resistance of the walls to damage.

Today in the pharmacy has lots of different tools from varicose veins and always choose a gel or cream, but what's the best ointment, can tell you only doctor. Therefore, you should not self-medicate and when the first symptoms of the disease need to seek the advice of a phlebologist. Also do not forget that ointment against varicose veins may not completely eliminate the disease, but merely a complementary treatment tool.

The same can be said about the pills, together with ointments and creams, can only slow down or prevent the pathological process.

If we talk about the radical treatment of varicose veins, here are effective only surgical method – removal of damaged veins, sclerotherapy in the early stages (adhesion of the vein wall with the loss of its lumen). Also in recent years in the treatment of varicose veins more used laser.