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Can I use andipal at low and high pressure?

The combination of analgin with myotropic antispasmodics enhances analgesic effect in migraine and other headache types. Phenobarbital also increases the validity of the remaining components.


Andipal is used to pain relief spasms of the smooth muscles of the digestive tract, moderate spasm of brain vessels and peripheral vessels. In particular, it is prescribed for migraines, mild forms of hypertension. In addition, Andipal use and other ailments, for example, if you catch cold.

The drug is not suitable for everyone suffering from hypertension. To reduce pressure it is prescribed only in case of mild forms of hypertension or in the early stages of the disease when there are sudden and frequent changes in pressure. The drug is indicated to patients with transient increases in pressure, the level of which does not exceed 150/90 mm Hg. post. As a rule, appoint Andipal in that case, if the pressure increase caused by a spasm of blood vessels. If hypertension is not associated with increased vascular tone, this drug is not recommended.

It should also be said that at the initial stage of hypertension continuous administration of antipala excluded. Your doctor may prescribe a drug short course or sporadically - one tablet and only in the case of raising HELL. Hypertension andipal not only helps to reduce pressure, but also relieves headaches, and also has a mild calming effect.