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The most common heart disease

Myocardial dystrophy

Degenerative changes caused by anemia, hormonal disorders in endocrine pathology, different intoxications, avitaminosis, malnutrition of the heart muscle. Initial manifestation is tachycardia and weakness. Eventually developing heart failure.

The manifestation of inflammatory processes in the heart

There are 3 heart layer and, therefore, their inflammation:

  • endocarditis,
  • myocarditis,
  • pericarditis.

When endocarditis

Endocarditis — inflammation of the innermost lining of the heart with the capture of the valves. The most common cause of the rheumatism, less common form of septic (ulcerative and ulcerative and warty). Clinical manifestations in the form of tachycardia, moderate pain in the heart, shortness of breath hidden behind the common symptoms of the infection. Proven relationship of rheumatic endocarditis angina. It is important not to miss the first rheumatic attack in childhood. In further developing defects with lesions of the valve apparatus.


Myocarditis is an inflammatory disease of the middle layer of the heart. They accompany any severe forms of viral and bacterial infectious diseases (influenza, diphtheria, rheumatic fever, scarlet fever, measles, tuberculosis, polio). Possible cause — renal failure, the toxic effects of drugs. In the muscular layer results in local or diffuse inflammation, turning into areas of scar tissue. Rheumatism affects both the valves and the myocardium. Clinically manifest arrhythmias, dull pain in the heart, shortness of breath.

Distinguish between allergic and idiopathic myocarditis. The etiological cause when these forms are difficult to define.

When pericarditis

Pericarditis — inflammatory process in the bag of the pericardium. The difference between "dry" and manifestations of effusion into the cavity of the pericardium. ½ Causes — rheumatism. Possible with dysentery, syphilis, tuberculosis, typhus, measles, meningitis, cholera, flu. Increased pressure in the cardiac bag compresses large vessels, disrupts the flow and ejection of the blood. Patients having typical symptoms of stagnation in the veins of the liver (ascites), swelling in the legs. A typical intense pain when swallowing, turning the torso, the movement of his head. Auscultation the doctor hears the noise of friction pericardium.