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Causes and treatment of left ventricular heart failure

Depending on the severity of symptoms of heart failure there are three stages:

  1. Primary, which may be a little out of breath, and palpitations under significant strain. Alone signs of disease of the heart no.
  2. Average. Characterized by edema, cyanosis, shortness of breath under load and at rest.
  3. End-stage observed at the end of the disease and is associated with irreversible changes in vital organs.

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Treatment of left ventricular heart failure includes several classes of drugs:

  • diuretics (diuretics) to remove excess fluid from the body and improve kidney function;
  • beta-blockers reduce the workload on the heart muscle by reducing the rate;
  • ACE inhibitors prevent the expansion of the cavities of the heart and normalize blood pressure.
  • glycosides enhance ejection fraction, particularly when the arrhythmia;
  • nitrates widen the blood vessels and relieve symptoms of acute heart failure.

An integral part of the treatment of impaired function of the left ventricle is the elimination of the causes that caused it:

  • Myocardial infarction need as quickly as possible to restore the patency of the coronary artery. You can achieve this with the help of coronary angiography (study of blood vessels under x-ray) and stenting (expanding the arteries and production of special springs).
  • If there is serious damage of the heart valves, it is necessary to conduct surgical treatment. The valves are prosthetic or metal structures, or using donor samples, including those derived from pigs.
  • Treatment of arrhythmias is carried drugs and their ineffectiveness in performing radiofrequency ablation or laser cauterization of the centers of excitation in the heart.
  • In cardiomyopathy, the only effective treatment is heart transplantation.