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Varicose veins: how dangerous is he?

All patients with typical symptoms of venous insufficiency or varicose appearance changes of blood vessels are shown a series of surveys:

  • Ultrasound lower limb venous Doppler, which assess the speed of blood flow through the vessels, their shape and diameter, as well as the operation of the valve apparatus. This study allows to identify internal varicose veins when external symptoms are absent.
  • Duplex and triplex angiography allows a more detailed assessment of the situation.
  • The CT scan and MRI may be necessary in contentious situations.
  • Execution of functional tests allows you to identify and assess the degree of venous insufficiency.


Methods of treatment of varicose veins of the legs can be divided into conservative and radical methods.

The first group includes the use of medicines (tablets, ointments, gels), physiotherapy and therapeutic physical training. In the early stages of the disease can be effective use of a tight elastic bandaging or compression hosiery.

It should be noted that when severe varicose veins drugs will not help the only treatment is surgical removal of changed veins. This can be done with a regular surgery, either by laser or radiofrequency coagulation.